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First Home

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, but the finance side can be daunting. It’s not easy trying to get your head around the changing rules and how to meet your lender’s requirements. Let our team guide you through the buying process and remove some of this stress.

Conflicting or dramatic headlines can leave you feeling confused by the state of the market. That’s why it makes sense to talk to a professional and find out what’s possible. Every lender has different policies and we can help you weigh up your options.

There’s usually no cost for our mortgage services, and you’ll have an expert in your corner as you make this major financial decision.

Rede Finance

Building your own home has many advantages, and current lending conditions are favourable for new builds. The best lending for you will depend on what you have planned. It may be a turn-key package, build only, or pre-fabricated option. It’s possible to build your dream home with a low deposit. However, it pays to structure your finance carefully and ensure you’ve got the best possible deal. Our experienced team can consider all the options available and help you through the process. There are so many other things to consider (such as fixed price contracts, qualified builders, insurance, building consent), so it pays to involve our finance experts and have one less worry.

Rede Finance
Home Loan

Whether you’re a first home buyer, a property investor, or looking to build, it pays to get expert advice on your planned lending before selecting a home loan for you. It is possible to achieve your goals with a low deposit, but it’s important to structure your finances carefully and ensure you’ve got the best possible deal.

There’s usually no cost for our mortgage services, and you’ll have an expert in your corner as you make this major financial decision.

Rede Finance

It’s a smart move to review your current lending. After asking you a few simple questions, our team can complete a ‘home loan health check’ and let you know if your current deal can be improved. Refinancing can mean more money in your back pocket or paying your loan off faster.

To complete a home loan health check, we only need a few simple details:

  1. The amount of your current loan
  2. Your current property value
  3. The name of your current lender
  4. Your current interest rate (and expiry date if you have a fixed loan)

There are no costs to you to complete a home loan health check, so you have nothing to lose by checking if your current loan terms could be improved.

As well as securing you a great deal, we also want to make sure that your lending provider is looking after you. That’s why we also ask if you are receiving good customer service from your current provider. We will stay in touch and ensure your lender is meeting your needs.

Rede Finance
Commercial & Business finance

Our team handles the complicated work involved with commercial finance. With years of experience in the commercial and business banking sector you are in good hands with Rede Finance. We have a great network of professional contacts and can assist your with all your business lending requirements.

Our experienced team takes the time to get to know your business thoroughly. It’s also our job to understand what the banks need to see. This ensures you get valuable upfront guidance before committing to any expenses. Whether you are buying commercial property, purchasing a new business or expanding your existing business, we can help. And we will ensure a smooth process for you. Our clients appreciate how we quickly and accurately present clear options and tailor the right deal for their needs.

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